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Help us establish music as part of the standard of care for people living with dementia!

We all have soundtracks to our lives, whether we recognise or not.

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Who are we?

Huguette was born and grew up in Belgium, where she listened to French and Dutch music in her teenage years. In 1973, in her 30s she met and married David, a British accountant and moved to live in England seven years later. Sadly Huguette was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2007 aged 66. David looked after her in the family home until 2014, when it became too much for him to cope and she was moved to full time care. Now as the disease progresses she barely recognizes her visitors. She’s unable to express herself and communicate and is sometimes agitated and disruptive. Until one day she heard the sounds of ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas’ by Jacques Brel which strikingly translates to ‘Don’t Leave Me’. She responded immediately, starting to sing along and looking lovingly at her husband. The song was followed by similar pieces which again evoked an emotional reaction and recognition. She became more interactive, less agitated and her attention span increased.

What is our story?

Music for my Mind is a new charity seeking to provide evidence that personalised music enhances quality of life and well-being of people living with dementia; it also helps them reconnect with their loved ones. We are working towards clinical trials that show the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of this approach.  Such evidence is required to establish music as best practice for the many people living with dementia across the UK and internationally.

Music for my Mind has the backing of a committed and influential Board, chaired by the Founder, Professor Keith McAdam, who witnessed first-hand, the effect that music and creativity can have on well-being and quality of life in people living with HIV in a clinic in Uganda, where he was the foundation director.  His background in clinical medicine and research has helped us envision a step by step process to achieve our goal, working with cross-disciplinary collaborators.

What are we raising funds for?

  • Finding an efficient way to build personal music playlists;
  • Working with our established app and the leading music streaming company in UK, to assemble music from an individual’s teenage era;
  • Favourite tracks to be selected by using physiological and artificial intelligence monitors of emotional responses to the music;
  • Recruiting a small experienced team to take the project forward; they will establish key relationships with care homes, health organisations and technology companies;
  • Develop easy-to-use system for delivering music to people living with dementia in care homes;
  • Answer a series of relevant questions, in initial pilot studies such as:
  1. Is there a minimum dose of music an individual needs to improve mood?
  2. Is there a particular time in the day when music listening has a better effect?
  3. Does a specific type of music help in certain moods - e.g. calming music when people are agitated and distressed?

What could you contribute?

  • Your financial contribution will allow us to continue our work on a system that enables people living with dementia to have easy access to a personalised playlist.
  • £65,000 funds our operations for one year, in which we will start working with a small number of care homes to provide a personal playlist to every person living with dementia and the equipment necessary for it to be played in their setting, as part of their care.
  • Any additional funding will allow us to expand that reach and gather relevant research data through the initial pilot studies. This will also give us support in securing grant funding in 2018 for conducting a big scale clinical trial. The findings of that research will support the use of this method in care homes and thousands of people with dementia can benefit from it by 2021.
  • Any amount we raise will help us start our journey and deliver joy and music to people living with dementia and their families and carers.
  • Everyone can help us spread the word about Music for my Mind within their networks. You can become an advocate for music and dementia and help us share our message! For more information and to sign up to be an Ambassador click here . If you know people who might be interested in helping Music for my Mind, please contact us at .

Where to find more updates

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